Just give it 5 days

Benjamin W.

August 29, 2011

I’ve wanted to build a web app for a few years now. Finally in April, I got set up with Rails and began learning how to program. It’s been really great to see things take shape and I can say the app will probably be ready for beta testing in a month or so.

This is huge for me personally. After years of should of, wish I did, I could have, fuck I’m 25 and all the other completely useless thoughts that take the place of making things, I’m about 80% done with building my own product.

Now, this is not a huge accomplishment in the scheme of things but when compared to just a bunch of daydreaming and feeling bad about yourself, it’s life changing. And I really wish I had done it sooner.

I wanted to share an insight that for those who just do things will be obvious. All the scary issues on day 1 are infinitely more scary than day 5. When you do something for 5 days in a row, or 10 days, you aren’t starting from scratch every time. You’re learning and making decisions every day that you no longer have to make.

If you work one day a week on a big project, you will have to remake a lot of decisions and break through a bunch of fears every time you sit down. But if you just sit down and put in a couple hours for 3 days in a row, you’ll be an entirely different programmer, writer, sculptor on day 3 than you were on day 1.

This allowed my fears to subside, a little bit each time and suddenly I started to care instead of wondering why I didn’t care. Pretty soon, I wanted to sit down and work. Not because I’m 27 and my life is ending one minute at a time. But because I am genuinely excited to make something I’m proud of.

Everyone has cool ideas. But those who have the guts/sense to commit to one, even when they’re afraid or uninspired, are happier people and somehow manage to make things they’re excited about. To me, this was a very daunting task. But 5 days later, I was so busy trying to make something, I forgot worry about why I wasn’t making it. And it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

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