A Book Apart: HTML 5 for Web Designers

Benjamin W.

May 4, 2010

I just pre-ordered mine. And I would have bought it eventually but with the list of web heroes attached to this book, I couldn’t wait. And Jason’s design powers didn’t make the purchase any harder.

Read about Jason Santa Maria’s design process.

And go get a copy!

Read Between The Leading is awesome!

Benjamin W.

October 28, 2009

Letter Case is my one-man design shop. I’m building it as fast as I can. In my continued self-education, podcasts have proven to be really useful because I can pop them on my iPhone and listen away while I drive to lunch, go for a walk, tidy up the room, whatever. And one of my favorites and definitely my favorite podcast on design is…

Read Between the Leading.

Just two young designers who really love design and talk about it. There are great interviews with well known names in the graphic and web design world. Some of my favorites are: Jason Santa Maria, David Airey, Ryan and Don Clark of Invisible Creatures.

Check it out. It’s really good.

Fast Company Magazine: Ads vs. Content

Benjamin W.

September 30, 2009

A scan of the most recent cover of Fast Company with a hand drawn tally of how many ads there are versus how much content.

A scan of the most recent cover of Fast Company with a hand drawn tally of how many ads there are versus how much content.

I’m a big fan of the Fast Company site. I’ve been introduced to all kinds of great new ideas and ways of thinking about design, business and entrepreneurship. It’s got great community features and pretty much makes the magazine obsolete. And here’s why…

I went through the most recent issue of Fast Company (October, 2009) and 33% of it is ads. A THIRD! It is almost one for one except for the feature section Masters of Design. But up until then, the ads we’re winning.

Is this surprising to anyone else? If I bought this on the stand for $4.99, a third of what I just paid my hard earned cash for is 54 full page ads.

Barnes and Noble should have created Amazon. Tower Records should have come up with iTunes. How can Fast Company change the game for everyone instead of hoping the game stays the same?

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